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The Tough Calls of Conservation

by Kevin Richardson

The realm of conservation is a treacherous one. Conservationists often find themselves stuck on a tightrope; balancing their crucial work of preventing biodiversity loss and saving a species, while braving the critique of those who provide opinions from afar – whether it be from too much interference with nature, or not enough, or their decisions being judged through a moral perspective of people who know very little about the realities of being on the ground in Africa. It is a tough job, with harsh truths that often require very difficult decisions to be made.

The management of young male lion populations in small, fenced game reserves is one of those very challenging contexts, where there is a fine line to be tread between maintaining a sustainable lion population and preventing overpopulation.

Goodbye to gandalf

As we say another goodbye, we are reminded that this work isn’t easy. Sometimes the most difficult decision is the best decision. Many of the lions in sanctuary are nearly 20 years old, and this means there are many goodbyes ahead.

easy ways to make a big impact

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