key tracts of land to protect and expand natural lion habitats

In Africa, lions have been forced to survive on land that is only one-fifth of the size they occupied a few decades ago. If habitats shrink further, and the lion population continues to decline at the same rate, it is predicted that there will be no lions left in the wild in 20 years’ time.

Rapid agricultural expansion and human population increase has resulted in our planet’s wildlife, especially its large predators, becoming second-class citizens.


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communities surrounding conservation areas

The Kevin Richardson Foundation firmly believes in integrated conservation. This means that if communities in contact with wild species do not experience the tangible benefits of protecting wildlife, then human/wildlife conflict and poaching will persist. The foundation thus seeks to support like-minded organisations that have proven and measurable methods in investing in the education and the creation of jobs, for the benefit of those within the outlying communities. We will also respond to the unique needs of communities close to the habitats we seek to purchase and protect. The foundation seeks to enable children all over South Africa to have access to their wildlife by funded visits to the sanctuary, game drives and other initiatives. 

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a worldwide community of lion conservation collaborators

With less than 20 years left to keep lions in the wild, the Kevin Richardson Foundation recognises the need for immediate widespread action. In the digital age there is great power in the hands of individuals, and change can occur through citizen conservationists. The foundation hopes to call on those across the globe who seek to combat wildlife degradation to participate in our campaigns for spreading awareness and fundraising. Working with individuals, artists, academics, well-known personalities and organisations on the ground, we believe the protection of wild lions can become a priority in worldwide conservation efforts.

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the Kevin Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary and its lions and help bring an end to the Canned Lion Hunting Industry

The Kevin Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary is home to lions (as well as leopard and hyena) rescued from captive-breeding and cub-petting facilities. The Foundation would like to improve the quality of life for these animals, as well as establish better security for them as poaching for the lion bone trade increases steadily.