fundraise for lions

Do you want to fundraise for the foundation?
Is it your birthday and you want your friends to donate?
Are you running a race or sporting event for charity?

GivenGain is a fundraising platform that allows you to create your own fundraising campaign for our foundation.

Follow these instructions 


  1. Sign up on Given Gain as a Fundraiser
  2. Search “Kevin Richardson Foundation” in the top navigation block
  3. Once you are on the Kevin Richardson Foundation charity page select “Start fundraising” or “Fundraise”
  4. On the next page Click AGAIN on “Fundraise”
  5. On the next page, ignore list of events and click “Skip this step, I am not fundraising for an event”
  6. You are now ready to Edit your personal fundraising page for the Kevin Richardson Foundation
  7. Edit your fundraising page with details for your fundraise. This can include – your profile picture / picture for your event / picture of yourself etc.
  8. Click “Looks Good Make it Live”
  9. Share via email, social media (and whatsapp/text message)
  10. Extra efforts: You can share your fundraiser page link with friends of family via Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger or Mobile Text.

*If you would like advice or input on your fundraiser please email: