The Kevin Richardson Foundation launched #OneCupForACause challenge. With over 2.2 BILLION cups of coffee drunk around the world every single day, what if we donated just one ‘coffee’ a month to fight for the Lions’ future?

Special Announcement | The Lion Whisperer

It’s predicted that by 2050 there will be no lions left living in the wild, and Kevin’s biggest fear is that nothing can be done to stop this. But we do have a choice: we can choose to try. So join Kevin and the Land For Lions campaign before it’s too late.

One Cup For A Cause 2019

Hey Lion Whisperers! We are challenging you to give up one cup of coffee every month for a year in support of Kevin Richardson and his mission. Join us today and support Kevin’s mission to protect lions and give up one cup of coffee a month for lions. Take up the challenge here.

One Cup For A Cause Outtakes

We had so much fun filming our #OneCupForACause video that we just had to share these behind the scenes bloopers with you. Thank you to all who signed up for the campaign.

Lion KISSES - The Kevin Richardson Foundation

Happy World Lion Day! To celebrate, Kevin is announcing a care package from the Kevin Richardson Foundation to the non-profit organization ‘AfriCat North’ to help them tackle the problems surrounding human-lion conflict.

Bobcat Has Something To Say - The Kevin Richardson Foundation

This week Bobcat and Kevin just wanted to say thank you for the phenomenal support you’ve given since the launch of #LandForLions. You rock!

Siam's Challenge - The Kevin Richardson Foundation

In the excitement of World Lion Day last week we forgot to post a MASSIVE thank you for all your support. The Thundafund target for the Kevin Richardson Foundation has been absolutely smashed and it is truly humbling to know so many of you were willing to help out.

Jump For Lions - The Kevin Richardson Foundation

This past spring one of our Foundation directors Caroline Edmonds decided to ‘Jump for Lions’. Along with one of our volunteers, these two brave ladies headed out into the wild blue yonder and jumped from a plane to support and bring awareness to the plight of lions.


“Ishca” is written and performed by Rebecca Lane who is a youth ambassador for the foundation. The song is a tribute to the lioness “Ishca” who passed away in 2018 from cancer. Ischa was a well loved lion who brought attention to the challenges facing lions today.