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The Miracle 8 captured the hearts of our supporters through an unlikely tale of survival. Eight orphaned cheetah cubs that were given a second chance at life, taken in by the Kevin Richardson Foundation and successfully rewilded after two years. Their story marks the beginning of a new chapter for the Foundation, and has opened the door to future rescues, rehabilitations, and housing for injured and orphaned wildlife. The lives of the Miracle 8 will continue to influence and support conservation of wildlife species.

The Miracle 8 Legacy Fund will:

  • Assist in the Foundation’s future projects in rehabilitation and release
  • Make funding available to external nonprofit organizations that rescue and rehabilitate predator cats
  • Support anti-poaching units to prevent the repetition of senseless wildlife deaths, like the death of the original Miracle 5’s mother.

The love and support of these special cheetah cubs, from people all around the world, lives on.