Young hearts burning bright for lions

Every so often we have the privilege of being approached by a budding youth ambassador. It never fails to amaze us how passionate and inspirational the future generation can be about wildlife and our natural world.

We recently had just such a case with 7-year-old Brigit Bedoya after receiving the following message from her mother:

“Our family watched the film “Mia and the White Lion” and we were absolutely crushed. My 7-year-old daughter decided she wants to take a stand and do something about it. That night she asked what she could do. We took a look at your website and saw that she could be a youth ambassador. Thank you for having that option. She is so excited to work on putting together a presentation to give to her school and her Girl Scout troop.”

According to Brigid’s mother, Brigid talks about saving lions daily and will discuss it with anyone who will listen. It warms our hearts and fills us with hope to see young individuals forming a passion for lions at such a young age.

Thank you, Brigid!