The Accidental Toad Smuggler of Germany


Every now and again you hear a wildlife story that not only makes you laugh out loud, but makes you admire both nature… and humanity. Here is one such story; as told to us by a wonderful sanctuary volunteer, Jennifer Wiegard and her friend Simba the Toad.

Part One: Understanding the Captive Lion Breeding and Canned Lion Hunting Industry


For the past few months now, there has been a lot of heat on the topics of captive lion breeding, canned lion hunting and the lion bone trade. There have been a lot of polarized views, anger and emotion on the matter. We want our supporters to have context and insight into such matters because we believe that change is only possible when we engage with respect and empathy for all affected parties. 

Through the Lens: Photography in Conservation


“The advent of social media means those of us who document these issues can reach a far greater audience than 10 or 15 years ago and that has massive impact on informing the public, leading to positive change.”

– Shannon Wild


Little Lion Warriors


“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”– Dr Seuss

Even at the Foundation we sometimes feel overwhelmed with the challenges we are facing. Then we receive a letter like this, and everything turns around. This week we learnt a lesson from some youngsters in Germany.

Photo of the month

Safe with mom by Kevin Richardson (Savuti region, Botswana)

Music for Conservation

Rebecca Lane is a young Irish singer who applied her talent to writing and performing a song dedicated to Ishca, a lioness who passed away last year.

Three years with Thor An interview with Daniah De Villiers


Kevin Richardson Foundation Youth Ambassador, Daniah De Villiers, is a young South African actress who had an extraordinary introduction to lion conservation. At just 11 years old she was cast as the lead character in the theatrical family movie Mia and the White Lion.