Music for conservation


This month there were two special musical performances in honour of the Foundation. One from our director Caroline and one from our youth ambassador Rebecca Lane. 

If you have been a long time follower of the Foundation you may recall a video we posted of one of our directors Caroline Edmonds skydiving to raise money for lions? Well Caroline never ceases to campaign in creative ways for the Foundation; this time she has taken a less adrenalin-packed  approach. Caroline and her choir “Mirabelles” put on a concert in April this year in South West France, to raise money for the Foundation. The evening included African themed songs and the ladies sang in Zulu, Swahili, not to mention some awesome skat singing! Peter Fowler the conductor and his choir raised ZAR25,000 for the Foundation. Check out their rendition of “Colours of the Wind” here:

The second performance was a special tribute to Ishca, a much loved lioness at the sanctuary that passed away last year due to cancer. Rebecca Lane is a young Irish singer who applied her talent to writing and performing a song dedicated to Ishca. Rebecca talks about how she came to write this song, “When I began to research the situation around lions and canned hunting in South Africa, the information I found truly shocked me. As I gathered more and more horrendous facts I become upset, then frustrated, then angry. Ischa was the first of a few songs I wrote on the topic and the lyrics completely reflect how I was feeing at the time.”

Rebecca has performed “Ischa” at festivals and shows across Europe and is continuing to spread the message of the Foundation whenever she has a chance. “Young people today are facing an environmental situation that the generation above us never imagined.” says Rebecca, “My biggest worry is that people are ignoring the problems, sweeping them under the carpet and leaving us, the next generation, to deal with them. We need to act now, before it’s too late, if we want to save our home and the amazing creatures that live here with us.”

Watch the Ischa music video and support the foundation by downloading this beautiful song here: