Lessons from little lion warriors


“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”

– Dr Seuss

As adults we often get bogged down with the troubles of the world and daily life, and it makes us stand still. Even at the foundation we sometimes feel overwhelmed with the challenges we are facing. Then we receive a letter like this, and everything turns around. This week some children become our teachers; and showed us that everybody has a part to play in changing the world. You just need to start. 

Dear Madam and Sir,

my name is Clara, I am 9 years old and I live in Berlin, Germany. At present I go into the third class of our elementary school and I learn English for the first time 😊 (my parents helped me a little bit with this email😉).
A few weeks ago I went to the cinema together with my girlfriend Luise and my mother and we have seen the movie “Mia and the white lion.” We loved this movie, were very touched and had many tears in our eyes.
The day after we were still sad at school.  Suddenly I had the idea to do something for the lions and we made a little research in the internet about your projekt. 
I decided to collect money for the lions.
So we made posters and prepared a collection box, went outside and spoke with the people at the street. Many gave us 2 or 3€. We collected at the first day in one hour 13€ and were very proud. Wow.
We collected some more times and cleared our money boxes. Now we have collected 76€.
We are five girls : Clara, Luise, Mia, Minou and Eva and we will spend the money soon to your account. 

As soon as the weather is getting better we will start a little flea market selling our old toys and books for the lions.

Hope you take care of the beloved lions.

All the best.

Clara (left), Luise (right), Mia, Minou and Eva

Thank you to Clara, Luise, Mia, Minou and Eva for your amazing support and for inspiring us to stay focused and keep on caring a whole awful lot 🙂