We all know Kevin loves birds… he REALLY loves birds. Here is a photo of a (very young) Kevin feeding a bird.

So when our team presented this newsletter article, Kevin wasn’t too impressed with the original title, which was “Help us kill two birds with one stone”. That’s a TERRIBLE saying, thanks for pointing that out to us Kevin!

But really, we need our KRF family’s help.
There is an opportunity to feed two mouths with one morsel, to get the best of both worlds, we have a win-win opportunity on our hands, for our North American friends… we have twofer here! For years we have battled with international donation platforms because as a country, South Africa is very limited. The good news is… we have just qualified to be a partner charity on – who helps foreign organizations like us! If we get onto GlobalGiving’s platform, a host of fundraising options become available.

If we raise $5,000… Global Giving makes us a partner! If we raise more, we get more benefits!

And what about the second win you ask? Well, all money raised will go to protecting a beautiful pride of wild lions in Namibia. These prides need a guardian angel, someone who tracks them and prevents conflict with local villages. The “Protect the Pride” program, run by the Namibian Lion Trust, ensures a wild lion pride will be protected for one year.


Additional Bonus Info:
Monthly donors earn double for the required 40 unique donors, so if you sign up to donate each month, your donation will go a little further in helping us. GlobalGiving will also match the amount donated at the end of the fourth month that you donated!

SAVE THE DATE: April 14 is bonus day! The more we raise on this day, the more funds we get from GlobalGiving!

Help us reach our project goal by following the link to the donation page.