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To learn more about Kevin Richardson’s views on the complexities of managing lion population, looking after captive lions, the life cycle of a farmed lion, lion tourism and volunteering, canned lion hunting and more… click to download two free chapters from his book “Part of the Pride”



To widen your knowledge about lions see the foundation’s list of recommended academic open publications:


    • Bones of Contention: An Assessment of the South African trade in African Lion Panthera Leo bones and other body parts_Panthera

     Authors: Vivienne Williams, David Newton, Andrew Loveridge, David Macdonald click to download


  • Multiple myeloma in a captive lion (Panthera leo)

    Authors:  Adrian S.W. Tordiffe, Nicky Cassel, Emily P. Lane, Fred Reyers click to download


  • Comparative Serum Fatty Acid Profiles of Captive and Free-Ranging Cheetahs (Acinonyx- jubatus) in Namibia

    Authors: Adrian S. W. Tordiffe, Bettina Wachter, Sonja K. Heinrich, Fred Reyers, Lodewyk, J. Mienie click to download




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