Conservation grant


The Kevin Richardson Foundation is seeking like-minded organizations to fund in furthering the work of preserving African wildlife species, protecting wildlife habitats, and reducing conflict between humans and wild animals.

Grant amount:
US$ 5,000 – US$ 25,000

7 March 2023

Applications are now open for the Kevin Richardson Foundation Partner Grant which awards up to US$ 25,000 to successful applicants. The Kevin Richardson Foundation (KRF) is a conservation-based, non-profit company based in South Africa. The Foundation seeks to address challenges facing wildlife species in Africa by focusing on the preservation of predator species and wildlife habitats. A wide variety of proposals will be considered, including academic research and rescue and rehabilitation projects.
  • Projects that have an educational aspect, or provide some benefit to humans affected by wildlife habitats, are encouraged
  • Projects focusing on, or including predator cats, will be favoured
  • Projects based in southern Africa are favoured, however all projects based in Africa will be considered
  • Existing projects that require expansion or scale, as well as finishing funds will be considered
  • Applicants must be a registered non-profit organization or trust, with up-to-date audited financials available upon request
  • The project must be completed by September 2024
  • All applications must be written in English and completed online here